Braids and Twists Natural Hair Kids Style

Hey Curls,

I did a braid and twist natural hair style on my 4 year old. I let her back in the salon ya’ll!!! She is working on sitting sill lol. When doing braids, I always stretch or blow dry the hair. I prefer to braid on dry hair to grip it easier. If you are doing twists on damp hair then you could just use the Nectar and Tapioca and add a gel only if you want more hold. You do not need the silk effects, its only if you want a glossy look, meaning you could just use the Tapioca for braiding.


Products Used:
Embrace the Natural You Deep Clean Melon Cleanser
Embrace the Natural You Tress Repair Protein Treatment
Embrace the Natural You Leave In + Style Nectar
Embrace the Natural You Hair + Skin Hydration Tapioca
Embrace the Natural You Dream Crème Gel
Paul Mitchell Awapuhi + Wild Ginger High Gloss Primer
Vonte Silk Effects

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How to Blow Dry Natural Hair for A Natural Style

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