Genevieve’s Regimen!

I’ve been midback length and arm pit length in the front now 2x on my natural hair journey since 2012 with my 2nd big chop being at the end of 2014. It doesn’t happen over night Curls! There is a lot of protective styling that goes on! Leave it alone and it will grow!


*Prepoo before some washes

*Shampoo OR Cowash

*Deep condition weekly

*Rinse conditioners are used for cowashing when I am not deep conditioning

*Leave in conditioner is used after every wash

*I seal with a butter, oil, or pomade

*Moisturizing cremes are layered over my leave ins or used alone



*Two strand twist outs or Braid outs are my staples so I twist after my leave ins usually (with a moisturizer or a leave in or gel)

*Wash and go’s are a favorite occasionally in the Summer and Spring!

*Protective Style with two strand twists is my go to style in the Winter and Fall!



*Protein treatments are done as needed or every 4 weeks.

*I will sometimes alternate with deep conditioners that have protein in the place of a protein treatment.



*I trim as needed or every 3-4 months

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