Silk Press on 4C Natural Hair with Embrace the Natural You

Hi Curls,

I wanted to show that a silk press is pretty much possible on 4c curls. Some of my clients get a silk press for fun, an event, or for a trim (though they all know its not necessary as I will trim on stretched blow out hair or texture sculpt on some textures), or for whatever reason. Sometimes the greatest fear with many naturalistas concerns whether their curls will revert back or not! They always do!

Heat damage comes from…

  • high heat (i.e. 450 degrees)
  • excessive flat ironing or pressing (i.e. weekly)
  • hair that has not thoroughly been cleaned (i.e. buildup still on the hair prior to flat ironing)
  • from not using a heat protectant
  • using oils with low smoke points (i.e. if it burns at 300 and you are using it on your hair…smh…)

Heat damage does not come from

  • the blowdryer

Check out me silk pressing one of my clients at the salon:

Here are some more pics…

Have you Curls had any issues with silk pressing, flat ironing, or any stories you would like to share?



Genevieve Anyiah

Founder, Embrace the Natural You, LLC


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