Review – Darcy’s Botanicals Sweet Cocoa Bean Moisturizing Hair Whip and Pumpkin Seed Moisturizing Conditioner

The Regimin this time:
*Cleanser – Kinky Curly Come Clean / As I Am Naturally Cleansing Pudding
*Protein Treatment – Curl Junkie Repair Me! Reconstructive Treatment
*Deep Conditioner – Darcy’s Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Moisturizing Conditioner
*Leave In / Styler – Darcy’s Botanicals Sweet Cocoa Bean Whip
*Sealer – Karens Body Beautiful Butter Love

Well it was time to wash my hair after 8 days of twists and 3 days of twist outs. Finally used up my KCCC on my first wash concentrating on my scalp. this wont be a repurchase to me>>it mats my hair when shampooing! For my second wash i grabbed my As I Am Cleansing Pudding and to my surprise i only had 1 use left>>>this is my Holy Grail cleanser so i definitely need to hit or Sally’s up for some more. The AIACP leaves my hair moisturized, I’m able to begin detangling, and there is no matting!!! Other great cleansers or favorites of mine are Jessicurl’s Cleansing Cream and KeraCare’s Cleansing Cream! They are also a bit cheaper!:)

I wanted to give 2 products a try from the Darcy’s Botanicals line. The hair style I’m trying to achieve is a light and fluffy twistout! I am loving big hair this summer….#bighairdontcare

My hair was in need of a protein treatment so I whipped out the good ole CJ Repair Me! I love this stuff (slip, aides detangling and moisture)>>it’s great to do a protein treatment at least once a month.

I followed this up with Darcy’s Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Moisturizing Conditioner as a deep conditioner. This stuff is amazing. It’s very thick and definitely needs to be in a jar as it was hard to squeeze out. However, I was able to detangle wonderfully and the product melted in my hair. Bear in mind that I have 3c/4a hair. I left it in for 1 hr. My hair was so soft and moisturized. I could definitely see myself buying this again. It’s $12 for 8 oz.

After the DC, I sectioned my hair into 4 sections and wrapped a tshirt around my head and in the name of Curly Nikki then I plopped for like 15 min. So my hair was damp not wet prior to styling.

I then began to use a dime size amount of the Darcy’s Botanicals Sweet Cocoa Bean Whip followed by a smidge of Karen’s Body Beautiful Butter Love to seal the moisture in each section. There are 18 twists in total in my hair. The Whip is very light and creamy like pudding and glided on my strands easily>>again melting into my strands like butter. : ) it’s consistency is similar to Qhemet. Biologics Burdock Root Buttercreme. It’s touted as a leave in, styler, deep conditioner, and hair/body moisturizer.

I think this product is great as a light styler with a soft hold for puffs and fluffy wash and go styles. Its also great under a sealer for twist outs. This would probably be great under a gel. As a leave in and moisturizer this gets an A+ which is no surprise as water is the first ingredient and there are some great light conditioners in it. I would definitely repurchase this. Looks like I have about 10 more uses out of this jar! Could it become a staple? Maybe…ill keep using it!

Update – 3 days later – my hair is still very moisturized and I am on day 1 of my twist out which partially looks like a wash and go due to the light hold of the hair whip! I’m good with that though! My hair smells amazing too…ill check back into let you know what day that I needed to re moisturize>>>basically to give you an idea of how long the whip stays working…

Update 2- 5th and 6th photos are day 2 of twistout>>>hair is still moisturized with maintenance consisting of 8-12 huge twists at night which takes about 5 min…

Update 3- My hair was still very moisturized until day 5 where I applied a little more of the product and did two messy goddess braids inspired by MsDanti on YouTube.










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