Feed In Braids on Natural Hair

Hi Curls,

Check out my method of doing feed in braids on natural hair! Let me know what you think! Please subscribe to the YouTube Channel!

Did feed in braids on my client. She has 4a fine/medium density hair.


Products Used:

  • Embrace the Natural You Deep Clean Melon Cleanser
  • Embrace the Natural You Tress Repair Protein Treatment
  • Embrace the Natural You Leave In + Style Frosting
  • Embrace the Natural You Whipped Crème Icing
  • HSI Thermal Argan Heat Protectant
  • Vonte Silk Effects

I am Licensed Cosmetologist in the State of Michigan, in Metro Detroit, if you would like to book with me please do so online at http://www.embracehairart.com

Keep in Touch! Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/genevieveanyiah AND http://www.instagram.com/embracehairart

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Music Intro – The Bread Is Hard As Crackers by Velella Velella (Free Music Archive)

Other – Fleslit –Money Problems, Iced Out AND Paris Solemn

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