How to Moisturize and Build a Regimen for Baby’s Natural Hair!

Hi Curls,

This advice is strictly for those wondering about how to moisturize baby’s (under the age of 1) natural tresses. This is also for anyone wondering what to use.

As a mother of 3 (most recently giving birth over 2 months ago to my baby boy) and owner of Embrace the Natural You, I get asked these questions all the time. Bear in mind that newborn babies have very fine, curly, or wavy hair when born. For those of us with multiple children, we know that this texture changes drastically over that first and second year after birth. Some of you may have experiences where your child’s texture stays the same which is common for naturally fine hair curlies.

Use the tips below to help you navigate what to use!

Amir -2 months old
0-3 months

Shampoo – Use a sulfate free,  unscented, fragrance free, and tear free shampoo unless a medicated shampoo is prescribed for medical conditions. I recommend Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash.

Conditioner – nada! Babies hair is super soft and they really don’t need it yet. After shampooing babies hair put on a baby hat. If you are up to it, sew some satin in the baby hat!

Styler – nada! Babies have sensitive skin and some may even be experiencing cradle cap (a form of dermatitis), eczema, psoriasis, etc. You also don’t know if baby really has an allergy yet to anything!

3-6 months

Shampoo – If you ascertained that baby has no allergies then you can use a regular shampoo but you must careful not to get any shampoo in your little ones eyes as it will cause burning and irritation. I started using the Embrace the Natural You Frothing Cleanser on my little one who is just under 3 months because of his cradle cap. See below on tricks for cradle cap! I recommend washing up to 1-2x a week.

Conditioner – Around this time, babies real hair typically starts to grow in! You can add a rinse out conditioner to your regimen but again be careful not to let it get in babies eyes. You don’t really need a conditioner for baby if you are using the Frothing Cleanser which has a conditioner in it. You will have to judge as babies hair grows. I plan on using the Leave In Conditioner & Style Frosting  a few weeks as more new growth comes.

Styler – Baby’s new hair will start to get dry! If they have fine hair then try a smidget up to a pea size of the Embrace the Natural You Twist Truffle Whip (for finer textues) or the Whipped Crème Icing (for thicker textures) on babies hair after shampooing and conditioning. I’ve already started using the Whipped Crème on my baby boys curls because they will definitely be kinks soon.

Styling – Depending on the length of babies hair, you can experiment with finger curls, two strand twists, braids, etc. Just let babies hair be free or stick to loose protective styles! We don’t want to pull on those growing follicles. I have seen many babies with tight hair ties and there really is no reason for it. I wouldn’t recommend bead at this age either because it is a choking hazard with babies little hands wandering all over the place.

6-12 months

Shampoo – Again use the sulfate free shampoo of your choice and be sure not to get any in babies eyes!

Conditioner – Use the conditioner of your choice. I recommend using a leave in conditioner around this time. You can even use the leave in conditioner to style. Like I said I plan on using the Leave In Conditioner & Style Frosting  in a few weeks as more new growth comes.

Styler – Stick to the same stylers mentioned earlier. Just know that moisturizing is key during this stage. Babies are usually more active and won’t be laying or siting down so much but will still spend hours sleeping and napping in a crib. The dry fabric of chairs and sheets sometimes causes hair breakage which is totally normal for infants.

Styling – Babies is getting stronger and longer now so you can still do the finger curls, twists, braids, and other protective styles mentioned earlier. I plan on twisting on braiding my baby boy’s hair just like I did with his sister who is excactly 3 years older than him.

After 12 months

Congratulate yourself on getting babies tresses through the first year!

Some other tidbits:

Cradle Cap  – Cradle Cap is pretty much dry or oily flaky skin on babies scalp. Usually goes away during the first year. On babies dry hair use oil (you can try the Embrace the Natural You Trinity Glaze) or extra virgin organic olive or coconut oil and massage it into babies scalp! Jojoba is the closest to the natural sebum (oil) that the scalp produces and they would less likely be allergic to it but it ain’t cheap! Be careful of that soft spot! Get a fine tooth comb and gently lift away that dead skin. I usually wipe the dead skin on a paper towel. Let baby sit with the oil for a few (like 30 mins) if you can and then shampoo babies hair. Coconut oil is awesome at fighting dandruff and restoring hydration to the scalp.

Hair Loss & Satin Bonnets??? – Stay away from satin bonnets until your little one turns 2! The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies sleep on their backs on cotton breathable sheets on a firm mattress in a crib in order to prevent SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)! So don’t try to turn them every which way just to prevent hair loss. We all know that babies head rubbing on that cotton, in addition to genetics, that causes the hair loss around the sides and in the backs of babies crowns!

Bye Loves!

Genevieve Anyiah

Founder & Chief Mixtress

Embrace the Natural You, LLC

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~Embrace the Natural You~

“Inspiring women to embrace their natural hair and beauty!”

Disclaimer – All recommendations are based on my own experience as a Mom of 3. Try at your own risk.





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