Twist Out Results with My Honey Child Afrikoko Silky Hair Lotion & Type 4 Hair Creme – Review

Hey Folks!

I’m back with a good ole fashioned blog review! I love the My Honey Child Afrikoko Silky Hair Lotion and the My Honey Child Type 4 Hair Creme separately so I thought why not try them together and boy what a super combo! The Lotion is a milky leave in conditioner and moisturizer with an amazing spicy coconut type smell. The Creme is a moisture sealant and best used on damp hair with or without a leave in.

I have always had a great experience with My Honey Child. I always get my products very fast and they are always filled to the brim!

I was first exposed to the Creme when I started doing two strand twists on my 2-3 inches of hair back in 2012 when I BC’ed. I saw the product being used on iknowlee’s YouTube channel. She is like one of my favorite natural hair vloggers! The Creme is a faint yellow color and is very thick, creamy and smells minty! It’s a great moisture sealant as I get some of my best long lasting two strand twists with this product. When I take my twists down I have great definition and it’s literally my go to for two strand twist up dos!

I’ve listed the ingredients below. I typically purchase these products when there is a sale like Black Friday when they are usually 50% off. They are about $18.99 for 8 oz regularly. The Creme can be caught on CurlMart on sale too.

As far as styling, I used the Lotion as a leave in conditioner and moisturizer on each twist and then used the Creme on each section over the Lotion and twisted on slightly damp hair. I allowed them to dry over night and took them down. I loved the results! My hair is soft, defined, and moisturized! These type of results seal the deal!

Give this combo a try if you haven’t and let me know your thoughts on the two products in the comment section below. Have you tried them separately too?

My Honey Child Afrikoko Silky Hair Lotion
Ingredients – Purified water ,cocoa and shea butter, soybean oil ,coconut milk ,nutmeg kernels oil, cinnamon, ascorbic acid, fragrance ,
and caprylyl glycol (Optiphen®)

My Honey Child Type 4 Hair Creme
Ingredients – Soy butter, olive butter, raw hon ,coconut butter, sesame oil , baoHen oil, sunflower seed oil, wheat germ oil, cuscus grass extract, eclipta erecta oil, turmeric ,essential oils and optiphen (preservative).

Iknowlee video –
My Honey Child –
CurlMart –










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