Shescentit Banana Brulee Moisturizing Deep Conditioner – Review

Ok so I’ve been a fan of the Shescentit product line for natural hair for some time now. I am in love with the Shescentit Avocado Conditioner (a great detangling green concoction with lots of slip and 16 oz is only $13.50) and the Brazil Nut Curly Buttercream (moisture level is OMG), and the Coco Creme Leave in Conditioner (up there with the Kinky Curly Knot Today as far as performance)! The Kiwi Kiss Butter and the Marshmellow Herbal Cream are also great. The scents for all these products are lightly fresh and amazing!

Now on to the Shescentit Banana Brulee Moisturizing Deep Conditioner! As far as scent>>it doesn’t smell like real bananas more like a Banana Laffy Taffy 🙂 The price is great at 9 oz for $12.50! I was able to detangle very well and didn’t need to use much. It’s very creamy and goes on easy. The pic below is my naked hair after the DC. This DC does have protein in it which is not a problem for me as I do a lot of manipulation hair styles so I need it. My hair was very soft and manageable as well.

The SBBMDC is probably a good staple to add to any regimen! This brand is not just for curly girls but for anyone looking to incorporate a natural brand into their regimen. I will definitely repurchase!

I bought some other products from the company that I will be trying soon which includes the Buruti Hair Milk, Papaya Curly Soufflé and the Coconut Sorbet. I’m literally staring at these as I write this post!

Visit Shescentit it to take a look at their products and ingredients. 🙂 Please bear in mind that the company typically closes the site around the holidays>>>they gotta take vacation too! 🙂


-Anyiah Essentials




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