Twistout with Entwine Couture – Review

Hey Curlies,

I just want to share my thoughts on the Entwine Couture {Indulgently Luxe} Butter Creme Hydrator and the Entwine Couture {The Manipulator} Creme Jelly Styler! I had to try these since I saw one of my favorite curlies, MsVaughn on Youtube, have beautful twistouts and other sets. So I’ve used this combo several times. I think they really work well together. I’ve tried to use the Manipulator with other products and it doesn’t work too well. I think they work best paired with each other. When used properly together then I get the best results.

I typically use any cleanser or conditioner of my choice and begin styling on damp hair. I typically divide my hair into four sections and apply a quarter size amount of the the Hydrator, which is very creamy, first to each section and smooth it through with my fingers or a comb. I then work on each quarter section and further divide them up into 4-6 two strand twists. I apply a dime size amount of the Jelly Styler, which is also creamy, on  each twist before twisting each twist. I typically end up with 12 to 18 twists. I always put at least 1 flat twist in the front though and loose twist the rest.

I’m really big on ingredients. I’ve put the link below for you all to take a gander. FYI – Both products are not completely natural as the Hydrator does have dimethicone (a water soluble silicone that provides gloss and lubrication) in it and propylene glycol a humectant with a good and bad reputation. The Jelly Styler also has propylene glycol and isopropl myristrate which is a thickener and emulsifier but known to irritate the skin of some people with skin conditions. I believe both also have glycerine which is another humectant for those of you concerned about it during the winter months. Despite this, I am very familiar with such ingredients and I have not experienced any issues.

The Hydrator has a trademarked special oil blend with oils and butters that my hair love like shea, mango, and avocado butters. My thick hair loves any products formulated with these.

The prices are ok. As far as repurchasing>>>I might during like a sale or something. Word on the street is that the Hydrator is also a heat protectant. I don’t like that the Jelly Styler doesn’t work well with other products. However, it’s definitely a great styler combo though and I will continue to use up what I have>>>no need to pass this on with these great results! I also love that I can get 3-4 day hair from the Entwine combo. There you have it. That’s my review! 🙂

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