I Was a Called A “B***h” in my Salon + Storytime: Client and Stylist Relationship

Embrace Hair Art Salon is a place for relaxing, good talk, fun times, joy, and getting beautified.

With that said, its story time:

I just had to end all future appointments of a tag team of related TROLLS (definition: people with attitudes for no reason). I began doing their hair about 8 to 9 months ago. They BOTH came to me with excessive heat damage, thinning in the crown, and short hair (both above the shoulder). My plan was to grow out the hair, maintain a shape, and gradually get rid of the heat damage.

The older TROLL,

  • the ONLY style she wanted was a silk press…
  • barely talked to me when I did her hair…
  • She would come in mad about parking outside and would get mad when I tried to tell her where she should park…
  • She would get mad when I texted her I was running 15 minutes behind and told me NEVER to text her because she doesn’t read any of my text messages…
  • She didn’t like the waiting the area…
  • She didn’t like my steamer…
  • Her curls were never “tight enough” because I didn’t turn the flat iron up to 450 and cause her heat damage
  • When I dyed her hair black using a top of the line black color and bond building technology, she blamed me for the 1mm of new growth which was gray around the perimeter
  • She told me I didn’t do a good job of coloring hair black….
  • She would blame me for her excessive shedding, despite her hair never shedding most of the time and it happening all at once…which is common by the way
  • I recommended she see a dermatologist but she never went…
  • She never moisturized her silk press and her heat damage began breaking off….
  • I grew her hair 4 inches, and despite me silk pressing her new growth, she never had any further heat damage

The younger TROLL,

  • the ONLY style she wanted was a flat twist updo…
  • told me I wasn’t creative, but when I wanted to try my own styles, then she would ask me did I have a picture (how would I have a picture of something in my head? I only have what is in my portfolio)
  • she would begin bringing photos but would be upset when even one detail of someone else’s work did not exactly match the photo
  • when a patch of hair began to break off the crown, it took 2 appointments for her to tell me that always happens and it was from a scar from a prior stylist
  • she would huff and puff throughout the appointment….
  • she would say I did my other client’s hair better than hers despite the difference in length and texture
  • she told me my parts were beautiful one week and the next week I was told they weren’t straight ever
  • she would be mad about the twisting product I used despite me using it many times before
  • she blamed any shedding on me
  • I sent her to a dermatologist,  who told her nothing was wrong with her hair
  • she told me I was full of excuses….
  • she told me I don’t take criticism well…(huh? yea my thoughts too)
  • she would hug me at the end of some appointments after being upset about something or another…(weird)

As you can see, this is a long time to be told your work isn’t good enough by people who should have sought another stylist…it’s a long time to receive complaints weekly….

It had been on my mind for sometime actually to stop servicing the two TROLLS. However, after a recent encounter, I decided to end all of their future appointments after which I received nasty text messages and was called a “bitch” in my place of business after ending the service. I ended the service because my client was upset and yelling that I could not extend her appointment for 1 hr for a style for which she was not booked. I don’t respond to yelling AND I had two clients coming after and it would be unprofessional and unfair to move their appointments back. I suggested doing the same style but with the parting a little bit bigger but she was upset about that and so again I ended the service…I put her hair in a ponytail, took off the cape, and I calmly told her that I could not do her hair anymore for all the reasons listed above.

This is a learning lesson about client and stylist relationships. Needless to say, I was upset for 5 minutes after that, but remained unbothered, but I wanted to share this story…

  • The lines of communication need to always be open
  • I will continue to always execute a style to the best of my ability
  • If someone is unhappy with multiple services, then it is best to JUST FIND ANOTHER HAIR STYLIST
  • The duration of all styles is listed on the booking website
  • A stylist is not a punching bag, because you are upset about something else going on in your life
  • Stylists deserve respect and vice versa
  • Don’t bring negative energy into the salon

I do hair because I love it! The pay is a plus, but I love the comradery, sisterhood, and playing with hair all day!

Embrace Hair Art Salon is a place for relaxing, good talk, fun times, joy, and getting beautified.

Many will probably question why I am sharing this story and/or why I put up with the mess from these two TROLLS for so long, it’s because I really pitied them and felt sorry for them. I truly did…I think the salon was the only activity that they did outside of work. I tried my hardest to make it a pleasant experience. However, when you begin to dread the appointment of people like that then it’s not worth it, the money isn’t worth it, my energy isn’t worth it, and my inner sense of peace isn’t worth it. The sad thing is these two will probably tell other people not to come to me and try to ruin my reputation. Again, I’m unbothered as my work speaks for it’s self! Everyone knows my heart and spirit! Please be blessed and pray for the TROLLS!

Embrace Hair Art Salon is a place for relaxing, good talk, fun times, joy, and getting beautified. 

Genevieve Anyiah

Licensed Cosmetologist + Natural Hair Stylist

Embrace Hair Art



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