My Third Big Chop…sigh!

Hi Curls

I’m still working on the video explaining why I did my third – yes – third big chop! Just sub to the YouTube channel as it will be up soon! I think it’s best to do a mini timeline to explain why!


  • 2010 (July) – Birth of 1st Child
  • 2011 (April) – 1st Big Chop. I cut off heat damage. I had very little shedding.
  • 2013 (May) – Birth of my 2nd child.
  • 2014 (October) – 2nd Big Chop after post partum shedding along edges and in crown.
  • 2016 (May) – Birth of 3rd child.
  • 2016 (October) – Started using Mirena IUD (releases synthetic hormones that prevent pregnancy>>>look I’m done!)
  • 2017 (January) – My hair begins to fall out along my edges and in crown again! This is the post partum shedding again!
  • 2017 (February to November) – My hair starts to grow back but it continues to shed in my crown and along my edges.
  • 2017 (December) – I had about 4-5 inches of growth along my edges and in the crown but the rest of my hair is 2-3 inches past my armpit in the front and past my bra strap in the back….see my dilemma?!?
  • 2017 (December) – Yeah I cut it all off….

After months of camouflaging, I’m done…my hair was ruling my life again in a negative way! I very well didn’t have to shave it but what the hell!?! Life is all about new beginnings!

I really couldn’t believe that I would be part of the 15% that experience hair loss with the Mirena IUD. I do plan on getting rid of the IUD as I don’t want to grow new hair and have the same problem happen again! This in tandem with post partum hair loss (which is usually hereditary by the way…for me its from my dady’s side) was a horrible mash up!

Here is where I’ve talked about post partum hair loss in the past…

I will keep you all posted on my new journey! I hope to inspire someone experiencing the same thing!

Have any of your experienced this? Post Partum Shedding? Hair Loss from Birth Control?


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