I AM Finally a Licensed Cosmetologist!

Hey Curls,

OMG! The hard part is over! The hard part was sacrificing 30-35 hours a week in school when I needed to be doing oh so many other things! Sacrificing time with my three little ones was tough but they were always in good hands with my Mom, Hubby or Dad or sister. Originally the program was to be 12 months but then I transferred schools, had a baby and ended up 5 months behind but that is neither here nor there>>>I did it!

It feels good to accomplish something that I wanted and am so passionate about. I finished back on March 14th and took my Practical exam on March 24th and passed. I was then approved to take the theory portion of the exam which was 105 questions and I passed. They printed a temporary license almost immediately.

The reason I chose to go to school was because I was constantly doing folks hair or doing consultations and demo’s and everything really just kind of evolved from there. I have and still am a product junkie and I can talk for days about hair>>>I’ve been told I do this quite frequently!

Anyhoo, pick my brain and email me if you have any questions about Cosmetology school or post questions below.

If anyone is interested in booking with me so I can show you what I can do if you haven’t already seen then below is my booking detail.

Embrace Hair Art is the salon experience and services associated with moi!. You can book with me at Tru Beauty Studio located at 29209 Northwestern Hwy, Southfield MI 48034.

Please book online or Call 313-744-4070 or email embracehairart@gmail.com!

I am an advocate for healthy hair and my specialties include:
* Natural Hair (obviously:)
* Long Hair (All Textures)
*Curly Hair Maintenance
*Color (Balayage, Color Melt, Sombre, Ombre, Partial Highlights, etc)
*Natural Silk Outs
*Twist Extensions, etc!

Check out my service menu and prices and gallery here!


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