Current Favorite Protective Style: Bomb Twists

Hey Curls,

If you follow my personal Instagram (@genevieveanyiah) then you will see that I am in love with my Bomb Twists!

What are bomb twists you ask! Well they have been around for a little bit! I would say that I have only seen them the last couple years. Bomb Twists are also known as New Nubian Twists or Spring Bomb Twists. They are a version of a spring twist in essence but they spring up a little bit more.

As a Natural Hair Stylist, I love installing these because you don’t have to do little sections and it draws up the hair in the twists. The hair is super soft by the way! It also last up to 6 weeks. I don’t recommend as a stylist to keep any extensions in over 6 weeks>>>I don’t care what anyone else says! Hygiene people!!!! Sure you can cleanse your scalp over this period but you need to get to the underlying skin of the base of the twist and I am not here for that buildup!

If you are in Michigan then you can book with me for an install. For my Curls, who live elsewhere, the deets are below for the two major brands you can purchase and from where:

They come in a plethora of colors.

Here is my process>>>It takes about 2-3 packs to do 1 head depending on if you cut the hair in half or want them long. For my own head I split each strand into 2 and use the whole length because my hair is a little over 12 inches. The bomb twists are pretty long like 16-18 inches folded.

Here is my regimen and routine prior to installing extensions:

What protective styles are you all rocking now and/or what styles do you plan on rocking for the spring? I also love Nubian twists and spring twists. I have been eyeing puffy/fluffy twists but not sure about them yet.

Bye Curls!

-Genevieve Anyiah

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