Winterize Your Natural Hair this 2016 Winter! – Some Tips + Tricks

Hi Curls,

Here are some tips and tricks for this winter!


  • Use a Sulfate-free shampoo
  • Thoroughly detaingle hair
  • Condition 1x Weekly
  • Deep condition 2x monthly
  • Protein Boost 1x Monthly
  • Moisturize Often!!!
  • Style on Dry Hair
  • Protective Style
  • Protect at Night (i.e. Bonnet)

Winter Tips

  • Keep your hair off your shoulders
  • No wooly hats without a satin lining!
  • Use moisturizing products!!!!
  • Don’t get frustrated there is a style for you!


  • Two Strand Twists
  • Roll, Tuck + Pin
  • Bunning
  • Blow Dry + Style
  • Braids
  • Natural Updo(s)

Below are just a few styles to help you get started. Wanted to share these because know that there is versatility in protective styling natural hair.


~Embrace the Natural You~

Genevieve Anyiah

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