Protective Styles on Stretched or Blow Dried Natural Hair!

Hey Curls,

I have been feeling super creative and if you follow me on Instagram (@ginnyisnatural) then you will see all the amazing styles I have done on blow dried or stretched hair (hair that has been air dried in twists, braids, or a bun with no heat).

My routine for blow drying my hair always begins with damp conditioned and detangled hair. I divide my hair into 6-8 sections with clips because geez there is so much of it.  I then apply a leave in which is usually either the Embrace the Natural You Leave In Conditioner and Style Frosting or the Twist Truffle Whip. I then spray on a heat protectant (try Silk Elements @ Sally’s) and blow dry each section.

My routine for stretching my hair if I decide to do so begins the same as my routine for blow drying but I don’t use a heat protectant and I toss out the dryer. I just plait (or braid) or two strand twist my hair into generally 8-10 big twists or braids and let it air dry that way. Before twisting, I apply my leave in conditioner first.

Now when it comes to styling on dry stretched or blow dried hair>>>I always ensure that I thoroughly detangle my hair before drying so that I can easily part my hair with a rat tail comb. I always use the Embrace the Natural You Whipped Crème Icing to style for the following reasons:

  • It is a styler that doesn’t contain water but it does have aloe juice and glycerine which are humectants which will attract moisture but not leave my hair damp or frizzy!
  • It has argan, coconut and pumpkin seed oil which deliver on the shine.

I usually use about a quarter size per quadrant or 1/4 section of my hair. I apply it to my dry and hair and style. Take a look at some of my styles! Tag #embracethenaturalyou and #etnystyle so I can see some of your protective styles!

@ginnyisnatural blow dried natural hair style with a bun on top and under braid in the back.
@ginnyisnatural blow dried hair natural hair style with flat twists galore!
@ginnyisnatural stretched hair style with twists on twists!
@ginnyisnatural stretched hair style with bun and braids combo
@ginnyisnatural stretched hair style styled into box braids on dry hair


~Embrace the Natural You~

Genevieve M. Anyiah

“Inspiring women to Embrace their Natural Hair and Beauty!”

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