3 Ways to Style a Twist Out with @ginnyisnatural

Hey Curls,

OMG I have been trying to get this posted for weeks! I want to share 3 of my favorite styles to do with my twist out!

I used the Embrace the Natural You Heatless Curls Collection for this twist out. I only used the Twist Truffle Whip this time to set the twists. I like to put the flat twists on the side because I don’t have to worry about my edges at all and it gives my twist out some versatility!

I usually fluff and separate my hair more but alas there was no time in between nursing my little one and working!

Check out the video and pictures below! Please make sure you like, comment and subscribe chicas! These are the three styles besides my puff that you will see me rocking most of the time in these streets lol!

As far as maintenance, at the beginning of the video you will see me with a satin scrunchie and large satin bonnet! Yes that is my favorite the NEO Leopard style! I pineapple at night with my hair length now because its super easy. If you hair is shorter you always do maintenance twists.

See some more selfie pics below!

Thanks for reading Curlistas!

Genevieve Anyiah

Founder- Embrace the Natural You

~Embrace the Natural You~

“Inspiring women to Embrace their Natural Hair and Beauty!”

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