Summer Protective Style Series – Goddess Braids with @ginnyisnatural

Hey Curls,

Since I’ve had my baby. I really have to focus on doing hair styles that are super quick. I mean my little one is literally only 2 months old and if any of you have children then you know that they require lots of attention.  I don’t mind showering my baby cakes with tons of attention but I don’t want all the progress that I have made with my hair fall by the wayside either. Therefore it is a must that I protective style my hair until I can get to my next wash day!

The first style up in this Summer Protective Style Series is the goddess braid! It’s super easy and literally only takes 5 minutes or less as far as braiding the plaits. Parting on another hand is a whole other issue. My hair is super thick and needs to be damp prior to parting when I am rocking my hair in its natural state.

I did this style on stretched hair and used the Embrace the Natural You Tress Refresh Curl Mist and the Whipped Crème Icing! Love how this stuff smooth’s my hair.

Lol you will see signs of grimacing when I get to the middle of each braid as my hands usually get tired from handling all that hair at once.

The only maintenance for this style is to remove the bobby pins and throw on a satin bonnet at night. This style can last several days literally. In the morning I just use a little Embrace the Natural You Trinity Glaze for shine if needed.

Let me know what protective styles you would like to see and what have you been rocking?

Well its been nice Curls! I will be concluding my maternity leave on August 15th and will be back at beauty school so stay posted!

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