Color Corrector 101 – Make Up Lesson(s)


I dibble and dabble in makeup and would love to offer this to my clients in the future. Right now I am continuing to perfect my craft as far as making a client vision come true.

Let’s talk about color correcting. There are quite a bit of color corrector products on the market. It is best to think of the color wheel and complimentary colors such as green vs red, yellow vs violet, etc. Color corrector products are essentially concealers which you apply before your foundation to correct dark or red spots, sallow tones, under eye circles, etc.

If you are a makeup artist then it’s best to find a palette to use but if you can’t find that then try a number of the products listed below. I personally prefer cream or liquid based color correctors versus powders as they are easier to spread and provide full coverage.

Here is the simple run down:

  • Green Color Corrector – Corrects red spots and blemishs
  • Orange Color Corrector – Hides dark spots and circles
  • Red Color Corrector – Great for green or sallow undertones
  • Lavender Color Corrector – Great for covering yellow undertones
  • Yellow Color Corrector – Great for dark spots or under eye circles
  • Pink Color Corrector – Great for brightening around the eyes


Here are some options for color corrector palettes (note-only focusing on non-skin tone concealers). Prices range from $5 to $50.

Here are some great individual color correctors that I have personally tried:


~Embrace the Natural You~


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