Ginny Straightens Her Hair – 40 weeks post Big Chop #2!

Hey Chicas

So I straightened my hair! Woo hoo! It’s been almost a year since I cut my hair last year and I wanted to see just how much progress my hair had made. I know not to long ago I said that I would never straighten my hair…muahhahahaha….how things change!

Here is a little history: I did a mini big chop last year because my hair was 2 different lengths. My crown and edges were the same length due to them shedding and growing back after I stopped nursing my daughter after 1 year. The rest of my hair was bra strap length. It was a little annoying maintaining the two textures so I cut it to make my length even all around!

You all should know from my first big chop (for you veteran’s that have been following the blog since 2012!) that I don’t like to hold on to hair pointlessly so the “maintaining 2 different” lengths thing had to go! I was coiling my edges and crown and doing something else with the other length which just got too tiresome!

So here we are 40 weeks later like a bazillion twist outs later also! Here is the regimen I used:

  • CleanserEmbrace the Natural You Frothing Cleanser
  • Deep ConditionerEmbrace the Natural You Tress Treatment Masque
  • Leave In Conditioner (Skip a leave in when heat styling in the future FYI as it tends to plump the hair shaft) – Embrace the Natural You Leave In & Style Frosting
  • Moisture Sealant – Embrace the Natural You Whipped Creme Icing
  • Heat Protectant – Silk Elements Heat Protecting Spray

I pretty much washed, conditioned, and flat twisted my hair into 4 two strand twists and let my hair air dry over night. The next morning, Iunraveled the twists and went section by section and applied my heat protectant before doing the comb chase method with Tool Sciences Tourmaline Cermaic Curling Iron from It took about 2 hours to straighten all of my hair. Next time, I will blow it out versus stretching over night though.

As far as styling, I just used about 10 flexi rods as rollers, put on a satin bonnet, and left them in overnight. (So yes Day 2). On Day 3, I took them down and voila>>>perfect curls! I was pretty surprised as far as how much my hair had grown.

ginny straight hari ginny straight  hair 1

Let’s just say it will be long time before I straighten my hair again. I got bored and ended up doing a two strand flat twist out on Day 4 and on Day 7 a Twist Out! I missed my big hair is all I can say! I think I also didn’t like maintaining the straight hair! My hair is so thick and doing an old school wrap around my hair was not working…smh!

ginny straight hair 2

Well now you see the trials and tribulations of straightening thick kinky curly hair!


~Embrace the Natural You

2 thoughts on “Ginny Straightens Her Hair – 40 weeks post Big Chop #2!

  1. Your hair is beautiful. And I love the results of your flat twist out. Your hair is about the same length as mine ☺. And that’s exactly how I do my flat twist out. Keep doing what your doing girly. Natural hair rocks!

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