Is short hair and the TWA where it’s at? 17 Natural Hair Bloggers You Should Follow!

Hey Chicas,

I recently did big chop number two and I am seeing lots of women with long hair chopping it off. Now some of you at the beginning of your natural hair journey are probably gasping and wondering what possessed those folks to do that. Its for a number of reasons which could be to stick to a low maintenance regimen (like myself), for style, or whatever.

Now some of these women are CHAMELEONS (meaning they go from short to long) so don’t go scratching your head when you go to their pages. They have all varying textures and are all beautiful so make sure you give them a follow.

The TWA stage is totally the best time to experiment with your hair and its when you can be the most versatile! The sky is the limit on styling. I mean just look at the pics below. We have wash and go’s, bantu knot out styles, twist outs, flexi rod sets, etc.

I totally know there are some more beauties out there but folks changed their names so I can’t find some of those beauties but let me know who you follow!


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Embrace the Natural You

PS – You can follow my personal Instagram account (@ginnyisnatural) by clicking here!


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