Staple Flat Twist Out on Short Natural Hair with EverButter! – @ginnyisnatural

Hey Curlies,

I’m doing a staple style with staple products on my short natural hair! This is kind of a mini tutorial on how to flat twist as well for those of you still struggling with this technique!

I started off on freshly washed cowashed hair.

Products Used:

  • Cowash / Cleansing Conditioner – V05 Moisture Milks Strawberries and Cream Conditioner
  • Leave In / MoisturizerEverButter Chocolate Souffle Leave In
  • Butter for Sealing – EverButter Genesis Butter
  • Oil – EverButter Spring Sensation

In the video and in the pics below, I accidentally spilled some oil on my shirt lol but I wasn’t taking it off  though. I also know my products are pretty beat up looking in the video but that is because I use them all the time.



Love ya!


~Embrace the Natural You~

PS – don’t foreget to check out my personal Instagram page>>>@ginnyisnatural! I share my weight loss journey and pics of the kids and just my regular life in general!




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