How I Balance Short Natural Hair and Exercising 5 Days a Week!

Hey Curlies,

I have been working on this post since the new year!

Happy New Year! -again-lol! That is if I haven’t said it already!

I started bootcamp about 6 weeks ago, specifically at Jennifer Gray’s Body Beautiful Bootcamp here in Southeastern, MI located at 29717 Northwestern Hwy., Southfield, MI 48034. Get deets here>>> Jenn is a personal trainer with over 15 years of experience.

Now when I first started the class, I was a little nervous and I was sticking to low buns or pin up styles but the pulling on my hair was a little annoying from the bobby pins after a few times of jumping around and trying to keep up with Jenn. I didn’t want to have to worry about my hair so I decided to cut it as you know a few weeks ago. That was the best decision I ever made.

Here is what I have concluded:

1) Twists, twist outs, and finger coils are the best!

I noticed that with my short natural hair that when I wear twist outs and use the right products that sweating really does not affect my hair. This bootcamp class has me sweating profusely and burning hundreds of calories. When I stick to putting in small twists or finger cols in, for instance, on Sunday, then on Monday, I have the option of leaving them or doing a twist or finger coil out. The only caveat is that a twist out will only last 3 days but twists will last all week if you are going 5 days a week to the gym.

I typically do whatever floats my boat that day but literally my hair does not get messed up. This is why my twist out stays in shape: when I get home from working out with my hair in a twist out then I immediately put in large maintenance twists (like 12-15) and put on a satin scarf. That’s it!

2) Stick to Moisturizing Products and Heavy Butters!

I noticed when I use a good slippery leave in with a heavy butter and/or heavy moisturizer cream to style that my twists and twist outs look great longer and stay moisturized longer and can take the heavy beating I give these styles when hitting the gym four or five days a week. I alternate products also as you know depending on if there are proteins or not. Here is a peak and the combo’s I have been using:

Combo 1

  • EverButter Chocolate Souffle Leave In Conditioner (moisturizer and leave in)
  • EverButter Genesis Butter (heavy butter)

Combo 2

  • Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia Leave In (leave in)
  • Karen’s Body Beautiful Super Duper Hydrating Hair Cream (moisturizer / butter)

Combo 3

  • Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Leave In Conditioner
  • Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Curl Defining Creme

3) Cowash Midweek with a Cheap Conditioner!

I have been using V05 Moisture Milks Strawberry Conditioner to cowash my scalp and restyle on Wednesday only (and only if) my hair is a mess for whatever reason! This stuff is so cheap (like $0.80 to $2) at the store. I bought like 5 bottles recently. When you are cowashing this often then its best to stick to a cheapie especially as your hair grows. Also, all that sweat that is building up on your scalp does need to be washed away. Remember also that sweat stimulates your hair follicles so pat yourself on the back for helping your hair grow faster!

4) Do your hair at night when the kids go to sleep sometimes so you can spend more time with them!

I try not to let working out take a toll on me spending time with the kids. I do work a regular 8-5 job so working out adds another hour away from the kids. What I have been doing is letting them stay up an extra hour and then dealing with my hair after they go to sleep  sometimes but mostly I do my maintenance twists as soon as a get home which only takes about 10 mins. Again, I just go with the flow so if the kids want to play or have me read a book as soon as come back home then that’s what I do but if not then I do my hair. Typically my hair is still damp regardless a couple of hours later from my workout.

Hope these tips help!Below are some styles I have been rocking mostly. Honestly, the finger coils last the longest though!




Ginny’s Weight loss update:

Here is where I started 6 weeks ago:

-161.2 weight
-43 in shoulders
-37 in chest
-35 1/2 in waist
-37 1/2 2 in below
-41 1/2 inhips
-26 1/2 in thighs
-Calf 16 in
-12 3/4 in bicep
-10 1/2 in forearm

As of this week, I am officially down 8.6 lbs from 161.2 to 152.4 lbs. Boot camp is doing something right I tell you. I’ve also changed my eating habits to include eating every couple of hours, drinking 1-2 servings of Juice Plus everyday, and drinking at least 60 ozs of water every day, eliminated sugary sweets also. Wish me luck and I wish you the same!


~Embrace the Natural You






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