Flexi Rod Set on Short Natural Hair with Entwine Couture

Hey Curlies,

I just posted a mini tut on how to do a flexi rod set on short natural hair.

Check it out!

I didn’t do this the first time I big chopped. I am totally in the experimental stage!

Here is the product line up that I used on dry stretched hair…

Products Used:
*Leave In /Water OR Refresher Spray – Milk + Honey Delight Mist
*Moisturizing Styler – Entwine Couture The Hydrator
*Oil OR Butter for Sealing – Entwine Couture Total Perfection Argan Oil

Here are a few pics!

image6-3 image4-3 image3-3 image1-3


~Embrace the Natural You~



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