I Big Chopped…Again!

Hey Curlies,

Well what can I say…

…I was bored and cut my hair off again…but this time not all of it! I have about 4-5 inch left.

I cut my hair for so many reasons…I wanted 2015 to be a new start for me in general. I have a lot going on…an “interesting” new job, two kids, etc.

I cut my hair because I hated my postpartum shedding issue that I never really addressed until recently and I was sick of camouflaging the different lengths of my hair due to the shedding in my crown and on my edges. The hair had begun growing back months ago but it was only 4-5 inches long.

I cut my hair because I didn’t want to have to worry about it so much when working out. I started boot camp almost 3 weeks ago and the short hair is the business when you are working out. I want to really shed some pounds like 20 lbs and get to like 140 lbs. I have been holding on to like 20 extra lbs since I had my daughter back in May 2013. It’s time to focus on me…

I cut my hair because its exciting and this time around I can experiment with new styles that I didn’t experiment with after my first big chop because I didn’t know what the hell I was doing! I was an accidental natural anyway>>>you know the story…

I cut my hair because it was something in the end that I had control over and so I took control with the scissors and cut it.

In 2015, it will still be an ongoing battle to work on me as a person in general but stick with me and I will be posting more product reviews, styling tutorials, etc. I will also post things not related to natural hair but more on that to come!

I also started a personal Instagram page which has stuff about life as a mom, working out, etc and of course natural hair stuff. Follow here>>>http://www.instagram.com/ginnyisnatural

Thanks for listening to my rant!

Just remember that 2015 has a lot of positive things in store for us so lets look forward to it with an open mind!

Here are some pics of my cut!


~Embrace the Natural You~

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