NATURAL HAIR TUTORIAL | Twist Out with Flexi Rods aka Twist and Curl with SheScentIt

Hey Curlies,

I have a new tutorial that I uploaded a few days ago>>>a Twist and Curl achieved doing a regular twist out and using flexi rods on the ends!

I started off on old dry hair and I its my favorite way to do my twist outs now with the flexi rods on the end!

This style has become my favorite style as it offers lots of volume and camouflages my growing ends and the breakage from too many wash and gos.

Products used in this video:

  • SheScentIt Brazil Nut Curly Buttercream (moisturizer)
  • SheScentIt Juicy Berry Butter Cream Frosting

Here are some more pics!


wpid-img_20141218_152412.jpg wpid-picsart_1418933694186.jpg

New videos every Sunday!!!

Thanks for watching!

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Embrace the Natural You

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