The Pineapple Method & Why I’ve Switched To It!

Hey Curlies,

I know I was always team maintenance twists in the past but it’s a new day! After experiencing some breakage recently from tight bobby pins and over manipulation,  I’ve realized that maintenance twists are not for me anymore!

The pineapple method is really just gathering your curls on top of your head and securing loosely with a satin scrunchie! It’s very low manipulation. My hair is much longer now and I have enough to pineapple now as well. I needed to stop causing so much stress to my strands nightly and this has been working!

My ends aren’t getting tangled as much from the retwisting of maintenance twists as the pineapple method requires no retwisting! My curls are never smushed as you would expect but I wake up to great elongated curls whether I’m rocking a wash and go, braid out, twist out, etc!

I usually tie a satin scarf around the pineapple or use my satin bonnet by Ebonicurls.

How do you maintain your down and out styles?

Wash and go
Ebonicurls Ebonnet


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