How to Maintain a Braid Out!

Hey Curlies,

There are multiple ways to maintain a braid out such as a low (or two) ponytail, pineappling or rebraiding.

I choose to re-braid at night time but I don’t apply any addittional product and I don’t do the same amount of braids that I initially did to set the braid out! For instance, I may start of setting my braid out with 8-12 loose plaits but when I rebraid my hair at night>>>I will rebraid only 6 braids.

I do this for for a few reasons. The first reason is to 1) maintain the curl pattern or the shape of the curls basically preventing smushed looking un-even curls! This method also 2) elongates the strands or length of the style as the minimal amount of braids that I complete end up stretching the hair! I love going to work one day and it looks short and the next day it’s long! Gotta love the shrinkage! Lastly, its an 3) opportunity to lubricate and hydrate my strands which I do by putting an oil mixture, which is usually Naturalicious Divine Shine Sealing Oyl, on my hands and then braiding it up!

I recorded the last time I did this so take a look>>>>:)

What do you do to maintain your braid out?

Here is the same braid out which I used the EverButter Buttermint Smoothie to set! There whole line of products are awesome! I did a review which I will post at a later date of almost their whole line!






~Embrace the Natural You~

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