EverButter Experience – Embrace the Natural You 2nd Annual Expo

Hi Curlies,

One of my newest and favorite natural hair and personal care companies, EverButter, posted some pics of the 2nd Annual Embrace the Natural You Expo! EverButter was also a Signature Sponsor of the Expo as well!

And OMG, have you tried their Buttermint Smoothie. I’ve tried just about everything in their line and love it from the Morning Joy cleanser to the Coconut Cream Pie deep conditioner to the Chocolate Soffle leave in conditioner to the Lovely Curl Moisturizing Spray to the Genesis Butter! It’s all 100% natural and handmade too! I love using their products for twist outs, braid outs, protective styling and I also use them on my baby girl since she is over 1 years old and needs real products!


See more pics here!

Another great surprise was that EverButter’s Intern, Jaida Govantes, wrote an article as well. We love to inspire the young and beautiful and inspire them to embrace their natural hair and beauty!

Check it here!

Also here is the beautiful Jaida!

Jaida Govantes
Jaida Govantes

~Embrace the Natural You!~

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