Winter Natural Hair Regimen & Current Favorite Natural Hair Products

Check out the video below to see my current natural hair regimen for winter!

Protective styles are best for the winter if you are trying to retain and gain length! Protective styles for me include pinned updo’s, styles that are roll, tucked, and pinned, two-strand twists, etc. I will do a winter wash and go or a twistout or braidout occasionally though but I will wear a silk or satin scarf over my shoulders to prevent my hair from rubbing against these harsh materials that winter coats are made out of nowadays as well as to prevent rubbing against winter sweaters!

I’m using a couple of products from Original Moxie, NATURALICIOUS, Reve Essentials, Hairveda and MyHoneyChild. These products have kind of become my staples.

Check out these blog posts for more info!

-Anyiah Essentials

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