Lack of Natural and Organic Makeup options at local drug stores

Is it just me or is the only natural makeup line that Walgreens’s and CVS carry is Burt’s Bee’s tinted lip balm??? Seriously this is where I keep getting directed when I ask the staff if the location carries natural or organic makeup lines!

Heck I love Burt’s Bees but I’m looking for more than lip color! I’m looking for the whole deal as in natural or organic foundation, concealer, lip gloss, lipstick, blush, etc. Also please note that not all makeup branded as containing minerals is all natural.

These stores have definitely got to do better when it comes to carrying items like this. Seriously I know of three great local natural and organic makeup lines which it would be wonderful if I could go to my local drug store and purchase like Eve Organics, Brazen Cosmetics and Glam Geek Cosmetics. I don’t know if it’s the locations that I have been going to or what…

Regardless, I would like the option available at these stores as I take care of my skin just like my hair and cosmetics fall in this category…Now I heard and saw online that Walgreens carries Lavera Cosmetics but I went to the Walgreens here in Michigan at 12 mile and Greenfield and the one on Woodward and 14 1/2 Mile Rd and they didn’t carry it…so disappointed…I know these stores also carry Eco Tools which are accessories for makeup application.

Walgreens or CVS if you happen to the read this please carry more of these options in store. 🙂 Also, Ulta only had one line, Tarte Cosmetics last time I checked in the natural or organic category so same message to Ulta>>>more options please!





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