Black Friday Sales – Haul

So I went crazy for real!!!

This is what I got and I can’t wait to get my hands on them.

I’m trying to decide on if I want the Alikay Naturals Gel and Parfait products! So many choices.

Back to what I was saying (as a product junkie>>>I am so easily distracted), so here are the products I have coming in the mail. Reviews to come for products I haven’t tried (see *’s):

  • SheScentit – Coconut Sorbet*, Banana Brulee Deep Conditioner* & Buruti Hair Milk* (30% off)
  • MyHoneyChild – Olive You Deep Conditioner, Afrikoko Silky Hair Lotion*, Banana Creme Scalp Cleanser, O’Honey Curl Mist (50% off)
  • Original Moxie  – Intense Quench Deep Conditioner (30% off)
  • ReVe Essentials – Moisture Milk*, Whipped Buttercreme*, and Whipped Hair & Body Butter* (20% off)

A day in the PJ life! It’s hard out here….

-Anyiah Essentials

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