BEST Cleansing Creams & Cleansing Conditioners for Natural Hair

I want to talk about my favorite cleansers! I mostly use cleansing creams. Below are my favorites! There are benefits to cleansing creams and cleansing conditioners. For the most part they are low suds or no suds shampoos (aka poos). They are also multi-purpose in that they cleanse, condition, and detangle which is awesome in my book especially since my hair is much longer now! I need products that are definitely versatile from my cleansers to my stylers!

All of these cleansers are sulfate free (drying detergent agents), phthalate-free and paraben free (cancer causing preservative)!

Let’s get to my list! Below are my favorites that I recommend to all natural curlies! I would list the ingredients but that wouldn’t be any fun for you. Take a gander at their website links below! 🙂

I really love the NATURALICOUS no-suds cleanser because Rhassoul Clay which women have been using for thousands of years to cleanse their hair is the 1st ingredient. Also, I’m able to leave this in as a deep conditioner as well so I get the benefits of both cleansing and conditioning. Another good thing is that it distributes well despite it being grainy which is great for scalp exfoliation and stimulating blood flow to the hair follicles when massaged onto the scalp. It’s called the 5-in-1 due to the fact that it cleanses, conditions, deep conditions, detangles, and softens you hair making it more manageable so that you can skip a leave in conditioner! It has a very light scent as well. I get the Kinky/Coily version of the cleanser either from Whole Foods at West Bloomfield or Midtown in Detroit in Michigan or online. The brand also makes a version for curly/wavy hair as well.

I also really love my Original Moxie cleanser which is also a no-suds poo. They are usually able to special order the 16 oz size at Plum Market in Bloomfield Hills in Michigan which I love! I will also get this online if there is a sale. It is very creamy and lightly scented and goes on very easy as I apply my cleanser to my scalp first and then smooth it onto my hair. I’m able to detangle like nobody’s business with this as well. When massaged onto the scalp it gives a little tingly feeling which is great if you have dandruff, dermatitis, or ezcema. This cleanser also has what I call a protein boost from the hydrolyzed silk and wheat protein which is great if you do a lot of manipulation styles and wash you hair once a week or every other week.

Jessicurl’s cleanser was my first introduction to cleansing creams! This comes in 8, 16, and 32 oz salon sizes. Love this stuff. I get the unscented version. I typically have to get this online as I don’t know where it is available on the ground in Michigan. It does lather a little which is fine because it doesn’t mat my hair like most shampoos! It also has avocado oil. I’m able to detangle my hair as I clean it and I am left with ultra-soft and moisturized hair!

Hopefully I still have your attention. I can talk about hair products like all day! I think all of you curlies should give all of these a try as they work great on my hair.






2 thoughts on “BEST Cleansing Creams & Cleansing Conditioners for Natural Hair

  1. Great article! And good point about Rhassoul Clay being something women from all over the world have been using to cleanse their hair naturally with for centuries. Even Cleopatra used is back in the day, and we all know she was gorgeous. LOL Thanks again!

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