The Experience – Original Moxie Natural Wonder Set Review – Get Clean, Intense Quench, Lux Locks, and Hair Bling

It was time to try my Original Moxie gift set that I won. I’m 4 days past wash day so my locks needed some TLC.

Prepoo – Hairveda Vatika Frosting
Cleanser – Original Moxie Get Clean No Foam
Deep Conditioner – Original Moxie Intense Quench
Leave In – Original Moxie Leave In
Styler – Original Moxie Lux Locks
Sealer – Original Moxie Hair Bling

The Experience – Original Moxie Natural Wonder Set

Get Clean™ No-foam Shampoo (8 oz.) -This was similar to my Jessicurl Cleansing Cream which i usually get unscented but this had light earthy scent. It had a yellow brownish pasty hue. I liked my experience with this as I was able to finger detangle. I massaged my scalp and strands. Only thing I didn’t like was the pasty residue (no other words to describe it) on my tub and the dripping poo on my shirt but I guess it doesn’t matter as it was easy to clean up. My hair was clean and moisturized.

Intense Quench™ Deep Conditioner (8 oz.) – I was able to detangle with my fingers and comb easily although the product was thick. Hair needs to be wet to experience good slip though. I liked the tingly feeling on my scalp after massaging my scalp and strands. My hair was left feeling soft and moisturized. The color of this was a pasty brown color. It smelled earthy as well (spearmint?)>>>reminds of the Afroveda line. I’m not a fan of the smell but loved the performance of the product.

Everyday Leave-in™ Detangling Conditioner (8 oz.) – i used this as my styling primer on damp hair. Very lightly scented (cinnamon?) and similar to hair milk, this was awesome at detangling! I would go on to say it was just as good as my KCKT. I applied his with a dab of the Hair Bling which I used as a sealer to 8 big workable sections and allowed my hair to air dry prior to styling.

Hair Bling™ High Shine Pomade (3 oz.) – This is like hair grease to me so i was definitely not heavy handed with this. It reminds me of Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Honey. I think the hair bling is a good sealing product as well. I can see this will last for a long time.

Lux Locks™ Styling & Shine (6 oz.) – the smell makes me think of toothpaste>>>the good kind :)! Since the first ingredient is water then I didn’t feel the need to re-wet my hair with water prior to styling as it was damp. I used my denman to help distribute the product. I ended up with about 4 flat twists in the front and maybe 10 two strand twists in the back. This is like a thick butter creme almost. My hair loves anything whipped, butters, heavy creams/cremes, etc. I was heavy handed with this since it seems it would offer a soft hold.

The Take Down:
My hair set for 1 day and was completely dry for the takedown. I rubbed a dab of the hair bling all over my hands and then all over my twists first prior to unraveling. My hair was so soft, defined, moisturized and even withstood this hot 80+ degree Detroit weather!!! I’m going to continue to use these products this month…try some different styles to see if these can be long time staples…
This is a GREAT complete line to use! Next Up from Original Moxie- Shape Shifter Reforming Creme, Protein Treatment, Oasis Moisture Gel, Emollience, and Twist Mist
Product Info –,






Day 2 Hair



Day 3 Hair


Day 4 Hair – added some more products on ends…didn’t need to just wanted to use the Lux Locks again!


Day 5 Hair – just retwisted large two strand twists at night.



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