Review – Proclaim Olive Edge Gel

So I went to Sally’s and they were out of the edge gel that I was looking for so the Manager suggested I try the Proclaim Olive Edge Gel as her daughters wear their hair natural and it worked for them. So I bought it! It was less than $4 I believe for a few ozs.

I had stretched hair from a twist out so I decided to put my hair into a goddess braid style. I divided my hair into 2 sections and sprayed and/or dampened each section with my MyHoneyChild O’Honey Curl Mist and then used the edge gel along my hairline. The gel comes in this cool deodorant type tube that you can adjust up or down and rub on. I then braided each section and pinned the two hanging sections in the back.

I must say its been 4 days and there is absolutely no flaking and my edges are still perfect! Last photo is day 4!

See ingredients below…I like the packaging and ease of use with this product and the ingredients aren’t to shabby either. This could be a repurchase for me!









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