Review – Round 2 – Eden Bodyworks Curl Defining Creme

Ok this is round 2….as I didn’t like my results on damp hair (note: possibly due to me using oil on damp hair prior to leave in and the Creme)

I began grabbing medium sections of my dry stretched hair and applying a quarter size amount of the Creme to each section and then twisting.

I’ll post results tomorrow when dry when I unravel them…

Update – 2 days later – very soft and moisturized not greasy at all! I like this on dry hair! I tried to capture the evolution of seperation in pics below! 🙂 I would definitely rebuy this and add to my rotation!

Update 2 – Looks like I could only get 1 day of hair before it began to dry out and frizz due to Michigan weather. Hmm…ill keep trying it in different ways (I.e. try on clean shampooed naked hair)…I would repurchase because of the price. This may be better in the winter/fall as far as performance.










2 thoughts on “Review – Round 2 – Eden Bodyworks Curl Defining Creme

  1. Well, the definition looks nice. I think you are right, maybe in a different climate the twist out would have lasted longer. I was scouring the web to see how other people used it. I have a job that I haven’t tried yet on my hair, but my daughter loves it on hers. Thanks!

    1. I will give it a try in the future again>>>it was really humid the day I used it last>>>I actually swapped this and gave to my friend whose hair is less dense as well 🙂

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