How I Love Target! – Great Natural Hair Section – Northland Mall location -Southfield MI

There are four Target locations within 10 min of where I live right outside of Detroit, MI. I live just north of Detroit now 🙂 I walked to the health and beauty section of the Northland Mall location and to my surprise their relaxed + natural section had the following brands:

*Shea Radiance
*Mixed Chicks
*Karen’s Body Beautiful***:):):)
*Jane Carter Solution
*ORS Curls Unleashed
*As I Am Naturally
*Dark & Lovely Au Naturale
*Miss Jessie’s
*Kinky Curly
*Yes to Carrots
*Mizani True Textures
*Motions Naturally You
*Taliah Waajid
*Pantene Truly Natural

Target is doing something right by realizing the market potential for natural hair! It’s great that this retailer realizes we need options man!

Now the target at the 13 mile and Southfield doesn’t have all these brands>>>so Target needs to get it on it! Also the Target at 15 mile and Coolidge only has a quarter of these options 😦 The location at John R and 14 mile was blah too :(.

Maybe the Northland location is stocked this way because its the closet to Detroit I guess…we curlies with kinky curly coily hair are everywhere! So take notes non-Target retailers!





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