Twist Out with Naturalista Juicy Leave In

So this post is related to my last post regarding the Naturalista Juicy Leave In. I failed to mention that on the day I retwisted that the “water” I used was none other than my My Honey Child O’Honey Curl Mist.

I took down my juicy twists which still felt moisturized after a few days. I rubbed a dab of jojoba oil on my hands before the take down. Below is the result. My hair didn’t feel greasy or anything as others have reported. My hair twist out was shiny, moisturized, and bouncy!!!

The price for the leave in is still pretty high but I think a good positive about this is that a little goes a long way and I probably have at a minimum like 12 more uses out of this jar so this could potentially be a repurchase!

As a side note, a very similar product which is half the price is Beija Flor Naturals Creme Brûlée for Kinks Curls and Coils. I had similar results but then again my hair was shorter.

I will keep trying the leave in in different ways and report back. I would like to try it with a twist updo!

One last thing>>>the Naturalista Juicy leave in can be purchased here.



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