Beija Flor Naturals Cocoa-Mango Buttercream – Twistout Roll Tuck & Pin

So my regimen has went out the window again lol for now. I identified more products that I can’t use temporarily. A lot of my scented products are making me ill too.

This was my regimen this past weekend.
*Cleanser – As I Am Naturally Cleansing Pudding
*Deep Conditioner – Shescentit Avocado Conditioner
*Leave In – Curl Junkie Smoothing Lotion
*Styler / Sealer – Beija Flor Naturals Cocoa Mango Buttercream

I washed and detangled with the aiacp>>>luv this stuff!

I used my ssiac to deep condition and threw a cap on for 30 minutes. Lets talk about ultra soft, moisturized, and detangled hair!

I used the cjsl as my leave in. I’m starting to think all leave ins are made equal! It’s just extra moisture to me. It went on easy as I only used a quarter size amount (must be the slippery elm). I was able to distribute the product fast as well.

I used the Bfncmbc as my styler. I really like the hold this provided as I set my hair in twists for a twistout the next day. I did medium size two strand or flat twists using a dab for each twist. It’s heavy and creamy and has a mild scent (+++)! It’s very similar to the Creme Brûlée.

My twistout was so very defined the next morning but I decided to do a roll tuck and pin style versus letting my hair hang. The buttercream also feels great on my skin and is very hydrating!






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