First Impression: Hairveda & Donna Marie :):):)

I just received my purchases from Hairveda which I bought during the Labor Day sales.

I almost forgot about them but I can’t wait to try the stuff but because I’m sticking to my October regimen then I will have to wait to use these.

This is what I have in the PJ closet (*tear*>>>I’ll have to stare at them until the month of October is over):

*Whipped Clouds

*Vatika Frosting

*Moist 24.7 Conditioner

*Amala Cream Rinse

All of these items smell great. I really like the light scents. I could eat that Vatika Frosting. The Whipped Clouds seems like a great moisturizer (did the hand test). The Amala Cream Rinse seems like it would fit well into my future regimens because I only use cream cleansers or cowash now. I don’t use lathering shampoos except for my last 2 ozs of my Kinky Curly Come Clean which I won’t be repurchasing.

I’ve heard great things and bad things about the Moist Conditioner. Most conditioners work great in my hair>>>and I can easily detangle with them despite other reviewers sometimes saying they can’t. My hair is very thick too.

I also recieved my Donna Maria Super Buttercreme. I’m shelving this until after October too. This smells like vanilla cake or something. I keep doing a run-by sniff because it smells great. It’s very thick and creamy too. I can tell it’s a great moisturizer too (did the hand test).

Beware I might start loading Youtube videos. I don’t know yet but we will see.

If you wondering>>> I haven’t done my twist out yet since I worked from home today so my twists have been in for 3 days now. Only thing that’s changing for my October regimen is my butter. I will be using my Beija Flor Naturals Creme Brulee for twisting and sealing my twists prior to doing twistouts layered over a lighter leave in.

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