Wedding Hair

My friend’s wedding was today so I got comb coils and/or comb twists yesterday. I went to Textures in Midtown in Detroit, MI.

I asked if she could use my products to wash my hair. She used my Kinky Curly Come Clean which I’m trying to get rid of and my Curl Junkie Curl Rehab to deep condition under the dryer for like 15 minutes. For styling the stylist used her own products which was olive oil to seal my hair and IC Fantasia gel to do the comb twists. I asked for a leave in but she suggested I not use one (clearly I needed one since I kept hearing my hair snapping)?!?

Regardless it took the stylist 2.5 hrs. Overall I like the style but I didn’t care for the styling products which included gel. I prefer butter creams that are water based because moisture lasts longer and he style looks shinier.

See pics below. I will probably wear the coils for a week and do a coil out the 2nd week>>>that is if I don’t get bore with the style! 20120909-233423.jpg20120909-233435.jpg


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