Wash Day & Twist Out Prep: As I Am Naturally, Pura Body Naturals, Qhemet Biologics, and Oyin Handmade

Saturday’s are my official wash days. So this is what I did:
As I Am Naturally Cleansing Pudding – I luv this stuff as I can detangle with it. It has propylene glycol.
Pura Body Naturals Chocolate Smoothie – this is my first time using this as a conditioner. I left it on for 30 minutes with a shower cap. It says to deep condition that you need to use heat. I could detangle pretty well but it didn’t have as much slip as MYHC Olive You Deep conditioner or the Honey Hair Mask. I need to use it a few more times to give a final verdict. I don’t know if my hair felt deep conditioned exactly but my hair did seem like it did absorb a lot of the product.
Qhemet Biologics Moringa Tree Conditioning Ghee – I used this on damp hair as my detangler and leave in. I luv this stuff as it just melts in my hair. I luv everything that I have from Qhemet!
Qhemet Biologics Amla & Olive Heavy Cream – Moisture for days with this leave in moisturizer. I used this and the MTCG on each section of hair and I ended up with 18 twists. I sealed my ends with my Oyin Handmade Burnt Sugar Pomade.

When it’s time to takedown my twists for a twist out then I’ll use a dab of Qhemet Biologics Olive & Honey Balm or their Aethiopika Hydrate & Twist Butter or Karen’s Body Beautiful Butter Love.

My hair dried overnight and is very moisturized and shiny thanks to Qhemet. I’ll post pics of my twistout when it’s time to take them down.

Update>>>So below is my hair after the twist take down>>seemed more like I had a wash and go that was done the night before but I was feeling myself regardless lol?
~anyiah essentials~


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