Dry Twist Out with Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia & Butter Love

So I did a midweek retwist last night for a twistout. I actually attempted a twist out originally the night before after cowashing with SheScentIts Honey Rinse Conditioner. The SSI conditioner was great!!! I used the Kerscare Natural Textures Leave in and Twist & Defjne Cream>>>my hair did not fully dry by the morning so I had to leave with wet hair that retained its shape until after my 2 mile walk outside during my lunch break. After that walk>>>it was frizz city for my hair as I live in Michigan. My hair was also feeling crunchy (maybe because of the cowash?? I doubt it though) I noticed when I use KNT after cowashing that my results are not as great as if I washed it.

And so…my hair was horribly dry looking with lots of residue by the time I got home from work>>>I didn’t want to wash again when I got home so I whipped out the KBB Sweet Ambrosia to retwist my hair. I saw on Natural Chica’s blog that KBB is great to retwist midweek. I did 18 twists and sealed with the butter love and went overkill at the last minute and used the Oyin Handmade Burnt Sugar Pomade to seal my ends again. The next morning I dabbed my fingers in the butter love and took down my twists>>I loved the results. While twisting tgere was some residue from KNT. Luckily everything absorbed into my hair by morning.

I think KBB butter love is great for my twist take downs. Ultimately, my hair has a great sheen and feels very moisturized. I hear a lot of complaints about KBBs price points but I don’t do reviews based on price. I liked my hair results and will probably repurchase. I definitely am clear that I won’t be purchasing KNTextures leave in or the TDC anymore because of how it performs when cowashing and the residue which may be why my hair feels coated after using KNT. This was my third try with KNT too…buh bye!


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