MyHoneyChild Twist Out Creme Review

So I felt like doing my hair again today>;>;>;boredom took over…i also dusted my ends…

I began using my Afroveda carrot shampoo bar and it was my 1st time using it. It was kind of tricky getting a lather going which is why I’m not a fan of shampoo bars. I didn’t like how my hair felt after using it>;>;>;it felt waxy or something so I reached for my Keracare Natural Textures Cleansing Creme which I was able to detangle with>;>;>;followed by Curl Junkie Repair Me and Curl Rehab.

I then used my Curl Junkie Smoothing Lotion as a leave in and twisted my hair in huge sections. I then fixed my little one something to eat and did other random things til my hair was about 80% dry. I then grabbed my MyHoneyChild Twist Out Creme which I have been dying to try. I was going to use my Oyin Whipped Pudding again since its been great to me but I really wanted to try my new product.

I had been looking for something moisturizing to layer under my MYHC Type 4 Creme which is more of a butter and sealer to me. Nevertheless it provides a shine unmatched by no other product except for the OWP. I could have used Qhemet BRBC but I like to use the same brand of stylers if that makes any sense 🙂

I began twisting. As I unraveled each bigger twist>;>;>;I grabbed a dab of the MYHC TOC and moisturized the section. I then grabbed a snibbet of the MYHC T4C to seal each twist with from root to ends. I think it came out nice. It took me about 2 hrs as I did small/med size twists all over. Then put my bonnet on. That’s all she wrote for now>;>;>;I’ll post pics tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what my twist out looks like in a few days.

The pic below shows the consistency of the OWP, MYHC T4C and the TOC.





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