Twist out results with Oyin Handmade

So I untwisted my hair today which is day 5 or 6 after using the Oyin whipped pudding to twist on damp hair followed with the Oyin burnt sugar pomade to seal my ends. I didn’t have to use my juices and berries spray until Day 4/5 and resealed with the pomade. I had a couple twists unravel throughout the week but I just used the pudding to retwist those and I was good to go!

I wanted to share my results!!! I love it! I bet I could have kept my twists in longer but I am ready for a new style and I just got my MyHoneyChild Twist Out Creme and I am Dying to try it!!! This Oyin Whipped Pudding is amazing!!! My twists still looked great this morning too!

FYI I used the Oyin handmade hair dew as a leave in…see pics below!



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